American pop culture never fails to romanticize the 80s. In music, in movies, in fashion—the 1980s have continued place in today’s mainstream. 


Pros & iCons' newest debut album, iConic, doesn’t latch onto the sonic quality of 80s as gimmick, but instead brings the anarchy, celebration, and triumph that’s known to the iConic era back to the venue. 


Their name, Pros & iCons, toys with the punny quality of inherent duality that speaks to their music. Though pop in essence, the boys dip their toes in the ponds of other genres, inspired by much, including 2006 emo rock, millennial hip-hop/trap percussion, and, undeniably, arena rock of the 80s. Their re-imagination of genre explores a friction rubbing two polar ideas within the guise of the mainstream, ultimately enticing and jarring fans of pop. Much like an anti-hero breaks rules in order to be a hero, Pros & iCons "anti-pop" approach breaks expectations of the “now," yet maintains a pop aesthetic. 


This hybrid of sound speaks to the unique personalities and musical approaches of the four individual members of the band—Joey Dean (Vocals), Niko Vaude (Guitar), Lenny J. (Guitar), Tyler James (Bass). 


Since their journey began, the band has rocked out from the stage to the airwaves. Pros & iCons was featured on 2018’s last run of the Van’s Warped Tour. They've performed aside Shawn Mendes, Meghan Trainor, and Andy Grammar, and more. They’ve amassed 50k+ social media followers, 200k+ Spotify streams, and 1,000,000+ video views. Their music has been featured in a commercial for Jaguar Cars, on NYC and iHeartRadio's Z100, and in television placements both nationally and internationally.

Pros & iCons will be on tour this October 14-28 with SRY (co-headliner), Young Medicine, and Vanish.


Pros & iCons will release their upcoming new single while on tour.

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